And You Are...?

I am Zella Kate -- avid blogger (obviously), aspiring writer, full-time college student, part-time assistant librarian, newly-minted writing center assistant, occasional student editor, and professional nerd.

What? That's not enough information for you? All right, then. I am a college junior, double majoring in history and English, though I am still undecided on what my specializations will be. (Modern European history and Modernist American literature seem to be what I want to do now, but that's open for discussion. I still am not certain if I want to study the Russian Revolution or World War II for history . . .) I have worked part-time at my local public library for nearly three years and thoroughly enjoy it. I also work at my college's writing center, assisting fellow students with improving their academic essays, and have edited my college's fiction journal and newspaper in the past. In my spare time, I write fiction and poetry, though that's been a mixed success. Most of my fiction is a blend of historical fiction, crime fiction, and Southern gothic, though I also have attempted mysteries, horror, and fantasy. When I finally graduate (which will take awhile...), I plan on becoming a college literature and history professor, a reference librarian, an archivist, or an editor and writing on the side.

What? Still not enough information for you? Voyeur...


More About Me: Q & A With Zellakate

Who's Me?

And that would be? Zellakate. (Which is Zellakate as in Zella Kate, not Zellak Ate. Although I must say: Zellak Ate would be an excellent name for a TV show about an Iranian Godzilla -- Zellak Ate Tokyo! Zellak Ate Paris! Zellak Ate Toledo!)

I am not impressed. Who are you? Fine. I am a college junior, majoring in history and English.

I am really unimpressed now. Don't you realize that you'll end up bagging groceries with those degrees? Yes, everyone has told me.

So why do you persist? Is it your dream job to work at Wal-Mart? No. My dream job is writing, but I would also like to make enough money to feed myself. For whatever reason, the "starving part" of starving artist doesn't appeal to me. I would like to go to grad school and earn either a master's degree in library science or in literature, possibly even pursuing a Ph.D in the latter.

Where do you see yourself in thirty years? As the absent-minded professor who has spent the past thirty years writing, revising, and rewriting the same unpublished novel.

Describe yourself in one word. I am a geek/nerd/bookworm/dork/dweeb.

I said one word. Sorry! Bookworm.

That was more than one word, but I'll let it slide. Do you have any hobbies?  I am a geek/nerd/bookworm/dork/dweeb! Of course, I don't have any hobbies. Kidding! I like to read, write, draw, listen to music, and watch movies.

What is your blog about? Books. I write book reviews on classic literature and contemporary fiction and non-fiction.

You are hopeless. Why? You mean why am I hopless?

No, smart aleck. Why write book reviews? I think so many books have been reduced to just the study of their symbolism. I think these books were written to be entertaining just as much as anything else. In addition, I want to write regularly and my blog gives me the venue and motivation to do so on a regular basis. They always say write what you know. I guess I know books as well as anything.

How well do you know books? Are you on a first name basis with them? I appreciate your sarcasm. I love to read. I love to give my opinions on everything I read.  I also work in a library, which, incidentally, I love, too. It's not the greatest set of qualifications, but I am just trying to amuse myself and have fun.

Do you have anything to say to your readers, in case you have any? I hope you enjoy my reviews. If not, I hope you're amused by my being a hopeless nerd. :)