06 August 2009


I’m getting sick and tired of people who refer to the creatures in the Twilight Saga as vampires. I beg to differ. Vampires are not sparkly wimps with whiny guilt complexes. Vampires are big, bad creatures of the night who unremorsefully prey upon the souls (and blood) of innocent victims. I firmly believe that an intervention program for Twilight fans needs to be created, so that these people can recognize real vampires. These poor, misguided souls should be introduced to the biggest, baddest vampire of them all – the most diabolical (and quite awesome) Count Dracula.

After centuries of terrorizing his native Transylvania, the Count has decided to relocate to Victorian England. As can be expected, his bloodsucking ways upset some of the locals. Lord Godalming (after his fiancée succumbs to Dracula) joins forces with his two close friends, Quincey Morris and Dr. John Seward; English attorney, Jonathan Harker (whom Dracula used to come to England); Harker’s wife (and Dracula’s possible next victim), Mina; and Dutch vampire expert, Professor Van Helsing, to end Dracula’s reign of evil. Will they succeed? Can Dracula be stopped?

Although this book was regarded as schlock when it was first published and some readers still denounce Dracula as trashy, I really enjoyed this novel. I found Dracula’s misdeeds and Van Helsing and his associates' quest to kill Dracula quite entertaining…and scary. There are several scenes in this book that just flat-out made my skin crawl! The pacing is really good too. The first part of the book (when Harker is in Dracula’s castle) is terrifying; after Dracula arrives in England, the story then becomes something of an intriguing mystery as you wait for the characters to realize exactly what Dracula is up to; and the finale is a really exciting chase as Van Helsing and company pursue Dracula back to Romania. This book is told through multiple points of view and entirely through diaries, letters, and documents. I’m a big fan of stories with multiple points of view and experimental narration, so I enjoyed this unique approach. My only qualm: Occasionally Bram Stoker’s writing is too melodramatic for my taste (specifically the newspaper article on Dracula’s arrival in England), but I didn’t find this to be too distracting – just a little overdone.

Dracula is a horror classic for a reason. Dracula is a formidable villain, and Van Helsing is a worthy adversary. What I really liked about this book, though, was it’s genuinely scary. Other 19th century horror classics I’ve read (such as Frankenstein and Dr. Jeykll and Mr. Hyde) were really good and the concept of the novels were terrifying, but I didn’t actually get scared reading those books. Not so with Dracula. (In fact, as I’m writing this review, I have one eye looking over my shoulder in case a caped Romanian count with suspiciously pointy teeth drops by.) If you’re looking for an exciting adventure and a blood chilling horror read, get a copy of Dracula (and some garlic and crucifixes – just in case.)


  1. This is so true, zella! SO SO SO true! Have read Dracula, simply loved it.
    "These poor, misguided souls should be introduced to the biggest, baddest vampire of them all – the most diabolical (and quite awesome) Count Dracula."
    Great line. :D And I agree with you all the way.
    On an unrelated note, I feel retarded. I JUST realized that you're zella435 from SparkNotes! I have to admit, when I first saw you following my blog I was like 'Who is this person?' All the way, that's what I was thinking, but I went along with it, because, you know, it's another follower and all. But now I realized, and am asking you to plllllllllease forgive me. Sometimes I'm retarded like that. :S

  2. Thanks! I love Dracula too. He's just so cool!

    And there's nothing to forgive! Yeah, I happened to click on your Sparknotes' profile and saw you had a blog with blogspot. I thought, "No way, I have a blog with them too!" So I followed the link to your's and absolutely loved it! I hope you don't think I'm a creepy stalker. I'm not!!! I'm sorry if I creeped you out because you thought some crazy stranger was following your blog. Well, I guess I am a crazy stranger, but not a complete stranger.

    By the way, thanks for following my blog! Since you're the first one, I feel that I should give you a prize, but alas! I have no money. Would you settle for a very heartfelt thank you? :)

  3. Shoot. I was hoping for 500$ in cash, but...oh well, a thank you would be alright, I suppose.
    No, I'm kidding. I love thank yous.
    And you seem a bit too bookish to be a stalker, so I was never worried about that. :D Well, not really.
    Dracula rocks Transylvania. S'why I included him in my Greatest Villains List. He's #1.

  4. You're welcome!

    Bookish is good. Don't you think that'd be a great defense in court: "But Your Honor, the defendent is too bookish to do such a thing!"

    I forgot...he was on your list! I thought your list was really cool. I have to ask: Did it surprise you when the book described Dracula as having a moustache? I was thinking, "Uhm...No. Dracula looks just like Bela Legosi. He doesn't have a moustache!" :)

  5. Oh hmmmm...you know what, it did now that I think about it. Just for a while, though. Then I thought and it seemed like he was kinda natural with a mustache.

  6. Hmm...Now that you mention it, I can see him with a moustache. The entire time I was reading the book, I had this image of Bela Legosi with one of those fake moustaches people draw on pictures in my mind!